Gilpin Junior Helmsman Trophy

Presented by:
Trophy Reference number: 106
Royal Burnham Yacht Club Cadets
Junior Helmsman Trophy

Reallocated in 2015 to Youngest Sailor on the River

Award YearRace NameBoatOwner
2015UnknownYoungest Sailor on the river in 2015 (update me later)
2008Junior HelmsmanBen Harden
2007Junior HelmsmanRobert Hooper
2006Junior HelmsmanSarah Adams
2005Junior HelmsmanCharlie Wood
2004Junior HelmsmanJemma Ball
2003Junior HelmsmanRory Galloway
2000Junior HelmsmanJack Galloway
1999Junior HelmsmanTom Ketteley
1998Junior HelmsmanTom Ketteley
1997Junior HelmsmanSarah White
1996Junior HelmsmanRosanne Geyman
1995Junior HelmsmanKatharine Hall
1994Junior HelmsmanAdam Horner
1993Junior HelmsmanDominic Fitzgerald
1992Junior HelmsmanJack Collins
1991Junior HelmsmanMatthew Miller
1990Junior HelmsmanSimon Holland-Brown
1989Junior HelmsmanCharles Bird
1988Junior HelmsmanToby Wagstaff
1986Junior HelmsmanBen Summers
1985Junior HelmsmanChristian Richmond
1984Junior HelmsmanJonathan Sturmer
1983Junior HelmsmanPaul Macnamara
1982Junior HelmsmanNicolas Morgan
1981Junior HelmsmanSarah Turner
1980Junior HelmsmanNicky Geaves
1979Junior HelmsmanEmma Bastick
1978Junior HelmsmanLizzie Wright
1977Junior HelmsmanAlistair Martin
1976Junior HelmsmanDaniel Wastnage
1975Junior HelmsmanJeremy Polturak
1974Junior HelmsmanLouise Soloway
1973Junior HelmsmanA. P. Herring
1972Junior HelmsmanS. A. Herring
1971Junior HelmsmanC. W. Booth
1970Junior HelmsmanR. Galloway