Georgina Kennedy Memorial Trophy

Presented by: Neil Kennedy
Trophy Reference number: 19
REF: 160 
6.25" Wide 4.5" Long 8" High 
Presented to the R.B.Y.C. by Neil Kennedy for the R.B.O.D. Class, it should always be referred to as the Georgina Kennedy Memorial Trophy. 
It was sculpted and is signed by John Doubleday. 
R.B.O.D. Whitsun Weekend Race

Award YearRace NameBoatOwner
2015Whitsun Weekend RaceOnyxM. Shields & N. Geaves
2014Whitsun Weekend RaceGeraldineSimon Hollington
2014Whitsun Weekend RaceGeraldineSimon Hollington
2013Whitsun Weekend RaceAmandaDavid Smith
2012Whitsun Weekend RaceAnnetteA. Chambers
2011Whitsun Weekend RaceAmandaD. Smith
2010Whitsun Weekend RaceMandarinW. Dallimore
2009Whitsun Weekend RaceRed JacketTim & Cathy Herring
2008Whitsun Weekend RaceMandarinW. Dallimore
2007Whitsun Weekend RaceAnnetteA. Chambers
2006Whitsun Weekend RaceWhite RoseM. Baker-Harber
2005Whitsun Weekend RaceBlue JacketDavid Beale
2004Whitsun Weekend RaceBlue JacketD.G. Beale
2002Whitsun Weekend RaceQuartzS. & J. Adams
2001Whitsun Weekend RaceRed JacketT.S. & C.E. Herring
2000Whitsun Weekend RaceBlue JacketD.G. Beale
1999Whitsun Weekend RaceRed JacketT.S. & C.E. Herring
1998Whitsun Weekend RaceQuartzI.S. Lindsay (Regatta)
1997Whitsun Weekend RaceQuartzS. & J. Adams
1996Whitsun Weekend RaceBlue JacketD.G. Beale
1995Whitsun Weekend RaceAquamarineS. Robinson
1994Whitsun Weekend RaceBlue JacketD.G. Beale
1993Whitsun Weekend RaceRed JacketT.S. & C.E. Herring
1992Whitsun Weekend RaceOnyxJ. Lindsay & M. Shields
1991Whitsun Weekend RaceBlue JacketD.G. Beale
1990Whitsun Weekend RaceJadeM. Smith
1989Whitsun Weekend RaceRed JacketT.S. & C.E. Herring
1988Whitsun Weekend RaceBlue JacketD.G. Beale
1987Whitsun Weekend RaceBlue JacketI.S. Lindsay
1986Whitsun Weekend RaceWhimbrelR.A. Sutherland
1985Whitsun Weekend RaceWhimbrelR.A. Sutherland
1984Whitsun Weekend RaceQuartzN.R. Kennedy
1983Whitsun Weekend RaceWhite RoseR.A. Francis & S. Griffin
1982Whitsun Weekend RaceBelindaR.A. Francis & S. Griffin
1981Whitsun Weekend RaceWhite RoseWendy Wagstaff
1980Whitsun Weekend RaceWhite RoseWendy Wagstaff