Ralph Herring Challange Trophy

Presented by: R.L. Herring
Trophy Reference number: 3

For the annual offshore cruiser race sponsored by the R.B.Y.C.
First presented for the Harwich to Burnham race 1951.
Continue engraving on cup until full, then add further straight sided plinth with a silver band or four equal sized plaques. 
Consult T.S. Herring regarding details of plinth.
New Lower Plinth & Silver band 2005

Award YearRace NameBoatOwner
2015Ralph Herring Race - Overall WinnerAmazonTony & Chuffy Merewether
2014Ralph Herring Race - Overall WinnerAssarain IVAngus Bates
2013Ralph Herring Race - Overall WinnerFatjaxIain Kirkpatrick
2012Ralph Herring Race - Overall WinnerAssarain IVAngus Bates
2011Ralph Herring Race - Overall WinnerThe GeekIan Langston
2009Ralph Herring Race - Overall WinnerTigo IVR. Fawkes
2008Ralph Herring Race - Overall WinnerTigo IVR. Fawkes
2007Ralph Herring Race - Overall WinnerJump The GunF. Curtis
2006Ralph Herring Race - Overall WinnerAmazonTony & Chuffy Merewether
2005Ralph Herring Race - Overall WinnerOystercatcher XXVR.B. Mathews
2004Ralph Herring Race - Overall WinnerDing DongR.H. Stewart
2003Harwich to BurnhamReactionM. Hutchings
2002Harwich to BurnhamInn SpiritA. Bartlett
2001Harwich to BurnhamFiona VIID.L. Geaves
2000Harwich to BurnhamShoot The BarC. Mills
1999Harwich to BurnhamTwist & ShoutP. & N. Elmore
1998Harwich to BurnhamThe Geek!R. & P. Stewart (R.B.Y.C.)
1997Harwich to BurnhamRainbowD. Ellis (H.P.Y.C.)
1996Harwich to BurnhamFiona VIID.L. Geaves (R.B.Y.C.)
1995Harwich to BurnhamMiss PiggyM. Vincent (H.P.Y.C.)
1994Harwich to BurnhamThrustM. Struth (W.M.Y.C.)
1993Harwich to BurnhamMorning AllD.J. & D.E. Hinkin
1992Harwich to BurnhamScarlet of ArunN. & S. Holland-Brown
1991Harwich to BurnhamCarronadeP. Clements & H. Spero
1990Harwich to BurnhamConceptD.M. Powell
1989Harwich to BurnhamChasseur IIS. Page
1988Harwich to BurnhamFiona of BurnhamD.L. Geaves
1987Harwich to BurnhamLocal Hero IIR. Beals
1986Harwich to BurnhamNadiacatcherR.B. Mathews
1985Harwich to BurnhamSunstoneT. & V. Jackson
1984Harwich to BurnhamOystercatcher XR.B. Mathews
1983Harwich to BurnhamOystercatcher XR.B. Mathews
1982Harwich to BurnhamOystercatcher of MerseaR.B. Mathews
1981Harwich to BurnhamCheetah of BurnhamH. Croker
1980Harwich to BurnhamBright SparkT.H. Swann
1979Harwich to BurnhamSonata in CP. Hornbrook
1978Harwich to BurnhamGunsmoke IIJ.A. Harrison
1977Harwich to BurnhamRampant RobberA. & S. Jardine
1976Harwich to BurnhamMumbo JumboR. Wigley
1975Harwich to BurnhamHylasD. Edwards
1974Harwich to BurnhamDingoR.H. Stewart
1973Harwich to BurnhamWhiplashP.M. & T.S. Herring
1972Harwich to BurnhamFlameH.V.L. Hall & D.J.L. Hall
1971Harwich to BurnhamThrasherJ.S. Bentley
1970Harwich to BurnhamMersea OysterD.M. Powell
1969Harwich to BurnhamDioneJ.W. Avery
1968Harwich to BurnhamSprinterJ. Tyler
1967Harwich to BurnhamCheetah of BurnhamH. Croker
1966Harwich to BurnhamClarion of WightSir M. Laing
1965Harwich to BurnhamBandit of MerseaL.D. Brook
1964Harwich to BurnhamTwister of MerseaC.R. Holman
1963Harwich to BurnhamLoraD. Edwards
1962Harwich to BurnhamVae VectisK. Trent
1961Harwich to BurnhamLoraD. Edwards
1960Harwich to BurnhamTyrellaC. Sanders
1959Harwich to BurnhamAmoretUnknown
1958Harwich to BurnhamChouetteElliot
1957Harwich to BurnhamMinstrel MaidR.L. & P.M. Herring
1956Harwich to BurnhamMerivaUnknown
1955Harwich to BurnhamGolden DragonUnknown
1952Harwich to BurnhamWatertrekkerL.G. Polturak
1951Harwich to BurnhamLoraR.L. & P.M. Herring